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In addition to the wide selection of sporting goods, games, clothing and toys that we offer in our store, we also specialize in Team and Corporate Sales. Utilizing the wide variety or vendors that we currently have open accounts with, we have the ability to custom make a variety of items to meet your needs. We can handle orders starting at 5 pieces (for most clothing items) with no ceiling on how much we can do. We offer embroidery, imprinting or both on all of our items. We can handle stock orders or custom orders from artwork that you submit to us.

If you would like to see some samples of the items that we have done in the past, feel free to click on the "samples" link below.

Some of the more popular items that we customize for Teams, Business and groups are:

- T-Shirts
- Sweatshirts
- Uniform Tops, Baseball, Lacrosse, Soccer, Basketball
- Water Bottles
- Hats
- Jackets
- Vests
- bags

In addition to doing screen printing and embroidery at the “group” level, we also sell equipment and supplies at the “group” level. We are willing to make competitive team/group pricing for any item that is available to us through our vendors. Please keep us in mind when it is time to outfit your team with new equipment and or supplies. Some minimums may apply for certain items.

If you have any questions regarding Team/Corporate Sales or you are interested in receiving a quote, feel free to either give us a call at 978-256-5343 or send an email to:

As always, we appreciate your business and will do whatever we can to make your shopping experience at the Center Sports Chelmsford as pleasurable and convenient as possible.

Thank You

Drew Harmer

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